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Avant Del Ray


Avant was concepted to inspire the Avant-Garde in us all, through our love of food, drink, art and music. We offer our guests a truly unique dining experience and serve a globally inspired menu, consisting of only the freshest and finest hand picked ingredients. Our menu features a greatest hits of small plates, creative culinary cocktails, craft beer and an appealing wine list. Our decor features a 12 foot sculptured host, locally procured funky art, over the top lighting, exquisite floors and finishes and a climate controlled outdoor patio. Avant also proudly features and showcases musical talent of all genres, from local garage bands to Grammy winners. We are located in the heart of Pineapple Grove directly across from Old School Square.

Circa 1980, NYC


The peeling city walls of lower Manhattan are layered with graffiti tags. The cultural landscape of the city is a pounding assault on the senses, void of poetic expression, except for the more visionary artists at large…

Enter AVANT… The first guerrilla style, street artist group to adorn the public realm with handmade, unique works on non calligraphic art. What started as an apparent cultural niche evolved into a worldwide phenomenon which defied the short lived cycles of a natural selection. Ultimately, they produced thousands of acrylic on paper paintings and plastered them on walls, doors, bus-stops and galleries city-wide. This small group of guerrilla artists and their mass distribution tactics created a monumental shift in public accessibility, awareness, and engagement in visual art. The inner cities of the world were transformed into giant galleries where countless artists and creative visionaries held the line to ensure that for generation to come, the AVANT-GARDE would no longer be restricted to the elite and their institutions.



Avant Del Ray Restaurant